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’Twas The Commission Of Our Lord - Baptism Hymn

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’Twas the commission of our Lord,
“Go teach the nations, and baptize:”
The nations have received the word
Since He ascended to the skies.

He sits upon th’eternal hills,
With grace and pardon in His hands;
And sends His cov’nant with the seals,
To bless the distant darkened lands.
[originally …the distant British lands]

“Repent, and be baptized,” He saith,
“For the remission of your sins:”
And thus our sense assists our faith,
And shows us what His Gospel means.

Our souls He washes in His blood,
As water makes the body clean;
And the good Spirit from our God
Descends like purifying rain.

Thus we engage ourselves to Thee,
And seal our cov’nant with the Lord;
O may the great eternal Three
In Heav’n our solemn vows record!

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