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Thou Hast Said, Exalted Jesus - Baptism Hymn

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Thou hast said, exalted Jesus,
ďTake thy cross and follow MeĒ;
Shall the word with terror seize us?
Shall we from the burden flee?
Lord, Iíll take it, Lord, Iíll take it,
And rejoicing, follow Thee.

While this liquid tomb surveying,
Emblem of my Saviorís grave,
Shall I shun its brink, betraying
Feelings worthy of a slave?
No, Iíll enter, no, Iíll enter;
Jesus entered Jordanís wave.

Blest the sign which thus reminds me,
Savior, of Thy love for me;
But more blest the love that binds me
In its deathless bonds to Thee;
Oh, what pleasure, oh, what pleasure,
Buried with my Lord to be!

Fellowship with Him possessing,
Let me die to earth and sin;
Let me rise tíenjoy the blessing
Which the faithful soul shall win;
May I ever, may I ever
Follow where my Lord has been.

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