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Shepherds, what Joyful Tidings - Christmas Hymn

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Shepherds, what joyful tidings
Have made you sing and play?
Long have we been awaiting
The Lamb that came today.
Cherubim, seraphim sang to us merrily,
“Fear not, but hurry ye over to Bethlehem.”

When they drew near the stable
They saw the newborn Child
Lain on straw in the manger
Like lamb on upland wild
Tearful His tiny lids wavered with shuddering,
Cold was the welcome they gave Him in Bethlehem.

Sweetly He slept and slumbered,
In Mary’s arms so mild,
Shepherds humbly adored Him
And Mary then replied,
“Back to your fold, carry peace and tranquility,
My little Son gives you peace and love evermore.”


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