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One Named Lazarus - Hymn

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One named Lazarus was sick; his two sisters feared he’d die.
So to Jesus they sent word, hoping He would soon come nigh.
But when He received their word, two more days He did abide.
He said, “This won’t end in death; rather, I’ll be glorified.
This is for God’s glory great; through it I’ll be glorified.”

Now when Jesus finally came, Laz’rus had been dead four days.
Martha went to welcome Him, asking why He’d stayed away.
She said, “Lord, if You’d been here, my dear brother still would live.
But I know that even now, all you ask, God will now give.
Though he’s dead, yet still I know, all You ask, God will now give.”

“Resurrection and the life—I am both,” Jesus did say.
“He who does believe in Me, he will live beyond the grave.
He who lives, believes in Me, he will ne’er to death succumb.”
Martha said, “You are the Christ; You’re the One who was to come.
You’re the Christ, the Son of God; You’re the One Who was to come.”

Martha then her sister called; Mary went to meet the Lord.
When she reached Him, knelt in tears, seeking comfort from His word.
Jesus, deeply moved, did ask, “Where have you his body laid?”
And He wept when He did see, for His love was very great.
Jesus wept and shared their grief, for His love was very great.

Jesus then approached the tomb. “Take away the stone,” He said.
“But,” said Martha, “there’s a stench, for four days he has been dead.”
Jesus said, “You now will see God’s great glory—just believe.”
So they took away the stone, and he prayed, “May they believe;
Father, thank You, You have heard; may they now in Me believe.”

Jesus then did give command; in a loud voice He did say,
“Laz’rus, come out of the tomb!” And the dead man did obey.
Both his hands and feet were bound, and a cloth did hide his face.
“Take the grave clothes; let him go,” Jesus said to those amazed.
“Said I not, believe and see God’s great glory in this place?”

Just as Jesus gave new life to a man when he was dead,
He can do the same for all who believe what He has said.
For we all in sin are dead; resurrection life we need.
Jesus died and rose again, that we might from sin be freed.
All who put their trust in Him will not die but live indeed.

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