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Zionís King shall reign - Hymn

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  • Zionís King shall reign - a traditional and classic old hymn
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Zionís King shall reign victorious,
All the earth shall own His sway;
He will make His kingdom glorious,
He will reign through endless day.
What though none on earth assist Him,
God requires not help from man;
What though all the world resist Him,
God will realize His plan.

Nations now from God estrangŤd,
Then shall see a glorious light,
Night to day shall then be changŤd,
Heaven shall triumph in the sight;
See the ancient idols falling!
Worshipped once, but now abhorred;
Men on Zionís King are calling,
Zionís King by all adored.

Then shall Israel, long dispersŤd,
Mourning seek the Lord their God,
Look on Him whom once they piercŤd,
Own and kiss the chastening rod;
Then all Israel shall be savŤd,
War and tumult then shall cease,
While the greater Son of David
Rules a conquered world in peace.

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