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Up, and away, while the blush of the morning
Tips every leaf with its pure, bright ray;
Up, while the springtime the earth is adorning,
Come, while the Savior is calling today.


Give to the Savior each grateful emotion;
Give Him, with gladness, our earnest devotion;
Then will His love, rolling on like the ocean,
Fill every heart with its fullness today.

Up, and away, on the journey before us;
Follow the Savior in youth’s bright spring;
Now while the cloud of His mercy is o’er us,
Haste, let us go, and rejoice while we sing.


Up, and away, for the moments are fleeting;
Up, and away, like the tried and true;
Up, and away, to each other repeating,
“God has a work for the children to do.”


Up, and away, to the fair land of glory;
There may we rest, when our journey’s past;
Rest with the faithful, proclaiming the story,
“Through our Redeemer we’re safe, safe at last.”


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