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Sacred Fountain - Hymn

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Thou Whose hand did lead Thy chosen people
Through the desert on their pilgrim way,
In Thy mercy grant us now Thy blessing,
Jesus help us all to watch and pray.


Father, Thou art pure and holy, holy,
May our hearts Thy temple be,
O, make us humble, meek and lowly,
Poor in spirit, Savior, more like Thee.

Give us water from the sacred fountain,
While we journey in a thirsty land;
Strong in Thee no earthly foe can harm us,
Thou our Rock on which we firmly stand.


Gentle Savior, Thou wilt never leave us,
Still from danger and from storm defend,
Sweet the promise to Thy faithful children,
Thou wilt guide and keep them to the end.


Though we pass the dark and rolling river,
Thou wilt bear us safely to the shore;
We shall praise Thee in the vales of Eden,
With the saints and angels evermore.


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