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Return of Summer - Hymn

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  • Return of Summer - a traditional and classic old hymn
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We hail thee, glorious summer,
We welcome thee today,
With all thy flowery legions
And all thy songbirds gay.
The happy rills to meet thee
With merry laughter run;
While woodland banners greet thee,
Beneath a smiling sun.


We hail thee, joyous Summer!
We welcome thee today!
With all thy flowery legion,
And all thy songbirds gay.

We hail thy smile of gladness
O Summer fair and sweet;
O let us lay all sadness
And sighing at thy feet.
The woodland ways are ringing
With many a merry lay;
Oh let us join in singing
With nature’s choir today.


O Summer, thou hast brought us
A message sweet and fair;
O Summer, thou hast taught us
Of Heaven’s brooding care.
Thy gleaming skies of glory
Watch o’er the world in love;
They tell a glad, sweet story
Of summer lands above.


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