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Rainbow round the throne - Hymn

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  • Rainbow round the throne - a traditional and classic old hymn
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When the clouds hang dark and heavy,
And the rolling surge we hear,
When no earthly powír can shield us
From the storm that most we fear,
O ítis then our Fatherís presence
To the trusting heart is shown,
In a bright and glorious vision
Of the rainbow round the throne.


O the rainbow round the throne!
Lovely rainbow round the throne!
Ever brilliant, ever sparkling
Shines the rainbow round the throne.

When we stand amid the conflict
Of the battle raging high,
When the tempter seems to triumph,
And our ranks desponding fly,
With the fleetness of an arrow
Godís protecting care is shown,
In the brightness that descendeth
From the rainbow round the throne.


When the veil of time is lifted,
And the shadows melt away,
When we fall asleep in Jesus,
And awake in endless day,
When the battle march is ended,
And our cares and tears have flown,
We shall gaze, and gaze forever,
On the rainbow round the throne.


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