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Prisoners of hope - Hymn

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Prisoners of hope, arise, and see your Lord appear;
Lo! on the wings of love He flies, and brings redemption near;
Redemption in His blood He calls you to receive:
“Look unto Me, the pardoning God. Believe,” He cries, “believe!”

The reconciling word, we thankfully embrace;
Rejoice in our redeeming Lord, a blood besprinkled race.
We yield to be set free; Thy counsel we approve;
Salvation, praise, ascribe to Thee, and glory in Thy love.

Jesus, to Thee we look, till saved from sin’s remains;
Reject the inbred tyrant’s yoke, and cast away his chains.
Our nature shall no more over us dominion have;
By faith we apprehend the power which shall forever save.

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