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Pour down Thy Spirit - Hymn

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  • Pour down Thy Spirit - a traditional and classic old hymn
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Pour down Thy Spirit from above,
And bid all strife and discord cease;
Joint heart to heart in mutual love,
O reign among us, Prince of Peace.

If in the souls where love should be
Arise the storms of fierce self-will,
Calm Thou that troubled, angry sea,
Speak to the tempest, “Peace, be still.”

If rude reproach be o’er us flung,
And slander wound as with a sword,
Rule Thou th’unruly answering tongue,
And silence every vengeful word.

Whene’er in this wild world we meet,
Unkindly deeds that anger move,
Teach us forgiveness, triumph sweet,
To conquer evil will with love.

In every land, in every home,
In every heart let love increase;
Let love proclaim Thy kingdom come,
O reign among us, Prince of Peace.

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