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Enjoy the lovely old words and lyrics of traditional Old Hymns  - a free, virtual online Hymnal!. Have a great time searching our extensive list of online Old Hymns and traditional old Christian songs. Printable Old Hymns of praise and worship are provided on this site which we hope you will find to be excellent resource for printable Old Hymns and Christian songs of praise.

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Old Hymns - Classic and Traditional Christian Songs of Praise
The following classic selection of Old Hymns are presented according to the important times covering major events in the year - Old Advent Hymns, old Hymns for Lent, Easter, Epiphany Hymns, Ash Wednesday Hymns, Hymns on the Passion, Holy Week, Ascension Hymns, old Whitsuntide Hymns, Saints Days, Holy Communion Hymns, Holy Baptism Hymns, Confirmation Hymns, Old Hymns for weddings, Children's Old Hymns, Thanksgiving Old Hymns and old Hymns for funerals

Old Hymns - English Translations
Many of the Old Hymns featured were originally written in Latin. We have, however, only included English translations so everyone can enjoy the words and lyrics to these traditional old hymns

Collection of Old Hymns
Just click one of the following links to access the old words and lyrics to these beautiful Old Christian Hymns:

Advent Glory

Advent tells us, Christ is near

All alone

Anniversary Hymn

As a volunteer

As the bridegroom to his chosen

Awake, O Christian

Baby Moses

Back to the blessŤd old Bible

Be glad in the Lord

Beside the Gospel pool

Bible of our fathers

Book of books

Calling the prodigal

Christian Flag

Christian, rise and act thy creed

Christians, carol sweetly

Christmas music

City of gold

Clear as crystal

Cling to the Bible

Count your blessings

Dark is the night

Death Is Only a Dream

Depth of mercy

Do something for Jesus


Dying with Jesus

Each cooing dove

Earth has many a noble city

Echoes of glory

Endeavor Hymn

Eternal Light

Eternal Rest

Everlasting life

Eye hath not seen

Fairer than the morning

Faith and Works

Family Bible

Footprints of Jesus

Forgive them, O my Father

Friend of the home

Fully Trusting

Gabrielís message

Gather the grain


Give thanks

Gospel Echoes

Gospel Railroad

Gospel trumpetís sounding

Hand in Hand

Happy little pilgrims

Happy Song

Harbor Bell

Harvest time


Hold Fast

I cannot tell

I choose Jesus

Immanuel, Prince of Peace

Ivory Palaces

Jehovah is my Light

Jerusalem, Jerusalem

Jonah and the Whale

Joyfully sing


Just a little sunshine

Keep me Thine

Keep on praying

Keep thy heart

Keep thyself pure

Keep your colors flying

King of Zion

Kingdom Is Coming

Kings of the Orient

Kum ba yah

Lamp of our feet

Lay it Down

Let party names no more

Lights of Home

Little soldiers

Make haste

Make me more like Jesus

Man of Sorrows

March on to victory

Morning red

Nearer the cross

Nor silver nor gold

Now woods and wolds are sleeping

O blessŤd home

On joyful wings


Peace, troubled soul

Pearly White City

Pentecost in my soul

Pour down Thy Spirit

Pour out Thy Spirit from on high

Prayer is appointed

Prayer is the key

Precious Bible

Preserve me, Lord

Prisoners of hope

The Prodigal Son

Quiet hour

Quiet, Lord, my froward heart

Rainbow round the throne

Read to me the blessŤd Bible

Rebels, who had dared to show

Redeemed, and with the price of blood

Redeemer of Israel

Religion is the chief concern

Rest at Home

Rest over Jordan

Return of Summer

Room for Jesus

Royal banners forward go

Royal songs

Sacred Fountain

Twilight is falling

Under His wings

Unsearchable riches

Unto God be highest glory

Unto the hills

Up, and away

Up in Heaven

Upheld by hope

Upon the Gospelís sacred page

Upon the sixth day of the week

Upward where the stars are burning

Valley lilies

Verily, verily, I say unto you

Victory ahead

Voice is heard

Voice upon the midnight air

Would you live for Jesus

You ought to know Him

Young and radiant

Your Mission

Zion, founded on the mountains

Zion mourns in fear and anguish

Zion, on the holy hills

Zion stands by hills surrounded

Zion, to Thy Savior singing

Zionís King shall reign

Free printable words to Old Hymns
Download and print the lyrics and words of your favorite Christian Old Hymns. Online Old Hymns and Christian songs including religious song lyrics and words suitable for all occasions.

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