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ďNearer the cross!Ē my heart can say
I am coming nearer,
Nearer the cross from day to day,
I am coming nearer;
Nearer the cross where Jesus died,
Nearer the fountainís crimson tide,
Nearer my Saviorís wounded side,
I am coming nearer, I am coming nearer.

Nearer the Christianís mercy seat,
I am coming nearer;
Feasting my soul on manna sweet
I am coming nearer;
Stronger in faith, more clear I see
Jesus Who gave Himself for me;
Nearer to Him I still would be,
Still Iím coming nearer
Still Iím coming nearer.

Nearer in prayer my hope aspires,
I am coming nearer;
Deeper the love my soul desires,
I am coming nearer;
Nearer the end of toil and care,
Nearer the joy I long to share,
Nearer the crown I soon shall wear;
I am coming nearer;
I am coming nearer.

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