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March on to victory - Hymn

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  • March on to victory - a traditional and classic old hymn
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Enlisted in the Christian ranks,
A faithful soldier be,
And side by side with loyal ones
March on (march on) to victory.


March on (march on) to victory,
March on (march on) to victory;
Beneath the banner of the Lord
March on (march on) to victory (march on).

The conflict may be hard and long,
But triumph is assured,
And Heaven holds a rich reward
For tri(trials) als here endured.


Relying on the Lord of Hosts,
March on to conquer sin,
And to your Leader gladly bear
Each trophy that you win.


The joy of conquest will be yours,
When you have overcome,
And after warfare, rest and peace
Await (await) in Godís bright home.


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