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Kings of the Orient - Hymn

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  • Kings of the Orient - a traditional and classic old hymn
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O kings from eastern shore,
Why speed ye on your way?
What have ye gained of lore,
Ye rest not night nor day?
“The heav’nly sign have we
Read o’er with eager eye,
And written there we see
The King of kings is nigh!”


Kings of the Orient, hither ye come!
Out of the darksome East, is that your home?
Tidings most wonderful to us ye bring!
Welcome, welcome, welcome we sing!

The trappings of your steeds,
The splendor of your state,
The Star that onward leads,
Tell of a purpose great!
“Jehovah gave a sign,
And us with wisdom blessed,
And while yon light shall shine,
Our journey’s t’ward the west!”


Why bear ye in your hands,
Yon gold and spice and gem?
Why haste from distant lands,
T’ward little Bethlehem?
“The mystic scroll proclaims
The Star as Judah’s own,
And David’s city names,
Where He shall set His throne!”


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