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King of Zion - Hymn

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  • King of Zion - a traditional and classic old hymn
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Zionís mount His royal seat,
And no powír His throne shall move;
Ages gather at His feet,
Son of Godís eternal love.


Hail, hail, King of Zion!
Hail, Lord of lords, and King of kings!
Reign forever, King of Zion;
Reign, blessŤd King, forevermore.

All the world His Name shall fear,
All the world from shore to shore;
Every isle His voice shall hear,
And the heathen rage no more.


He shall mold each stubborn will,
As the potter molds the clay,
Till rebellious hearts are stilled,
And submissive to His sway.


Haste our early gifts to bring,
Haste obedient faith to prove,
Haste with songs to Zionís King,
Son of Godís eternal love.


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