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Keep on praying to God on high,
Keep on praying, He hears your cry;
God will answer the sincere heart,
Keep on praying, He will do His part.


For Jesus hears you,
He’s list’ning, list’ning to your plea,
So keep on praying,
And He will answer thee.


Keep on praying when bowed with sin,
Keep on praying and you will win;
Jesus suffered on Calvary,
Keep on praying, He will answer thee.


Keep on praying, you’ll grow in grace,
Keep on praying and win the race;
Jesus loves you, His Word is true,
Keep on praying, He will answer you.


Keep on praying, He’s ever near,
Keep on praying, ’twill banish fear;
“Thro’ the valley” He’ll walk with thee;
Guide thy footsteps to eternity.


Keep on praying all through the strife,
Prayer will purchase a crown of life;
Heav’n is ringing with songs above;
Hallelujahs, for a Savior’s love!


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