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Just a little sunshine - Hymn

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Just a little sunshine everywhere we go,
Over darkened pathways, rays of blessing throw;
Golden rays of gladness from a loving heart
Help the world to brighten; let us do our part.


Sunshine, sunshine, just a little sunshine,
Bearing heav’nly gladness through this world below;
Sunshine, sunshine, just a little sunshine,
Telling love’s sweet story, everywhere we go.

Like the blessèd Master, in this life are we
Sent to comfort others, publish liberty;
Willing hands outreaching, strengthening the weak,
In the name of Jesus, consolation speak.


Just a little sunshine makes the roses grow;
In the barren places, flowers begin to show;
Lift the clouds of sorrow, cheer the hour of gloom,
Fruits of grace will ripen for immortal bloom.


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