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Jehovah is my Light - Hymn

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  • Jehovah is my Light - a traditional and classic old hymn
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Jehovah is my Light,
And my Salvation near;
Who shall my soul affright,
Or cause my heart to fear?
While God my strength, my life sustains,
Secure from fear my soul remains.

When evildoers came
To make my life their prey,
They stumbled in their shame
And fell in sore dismay;
Though hosts make war on every side,
Still fearless I in God confide.

My one request has been,
And still this prayer I raise,
That I may dwell within
Godís house through all my days,
Jehovahís beauty to admire,
And in His temple to inquire.

When troubles round me swell,
When fears and dangers throng,
Securely I will dwell
In His pavilion strong;
Within the covert of His tent
He hides me till the storm is spent.

Uplifted on a rock
Above my foes around,
Amid the battle shock
My song shall still resound;
Then joyful offerings I will bring
Jehovahís praise my heart shall sing.

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