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O sailor on a treacherous sea,
Tho’ rent thy every sail may be,
Tho’ all thy earthly hopes are past,
And thou art clinging to the mast.


Hold fast a moment more,
Behold a light upon the shore;
Tho’ scarce a beam thine eye can see,
Thy Savior comes to rescue thee.

Hold fast, be strong and banish fear,
Look up, behold the harbor near;
A cry of joy from yonder strand,
Where loved ones wait to clasp thy hand.


Tho’ surges roll, and waves run high,
The Gospel lifeboat still is nigh;
It cannot from its course be driv’n,
’Tis sure to reach the port of Heav’n.


Oh, sailor! lift again thine eyes,
Behold with joy and glad surprise
A glorious morn, that dawns for thee,
Far, far beyond a stormy sea.


Oh, land of rest from toil and care,
Who would not long to enter there,
Where every throb of pain shall cease,
And every sigh be hushed to peace!


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