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Gospel trumpetís sounding - Hymn

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The Gospel trumpetís sounding,
The year of jubilee,
And grace is all abounding,
To set the bondmen free.


Return, return, ye captives,
Return unto your home,
The Gospel trumpetís sounding,
The jubilee is come!
The Gospel trumpetís sounding,
The jubilee is come!

Forsake your wretched service,
Your masterís claims are oíer;
Avail yourselves of freedom,
Be Satanís slaves no more.


A better Masterís calling,
In accents true and kind;
He asks a loving service,
And claims a willing mind.


He offers you salvation,
And points to joys above;
And, longing, waits to make you
The objects of His love.


In living faith accept Him,
Give up all ease beside;
While grace is loudly calling,
Look to the Crucified.


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