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All my doubts I give to Jesus!
I’ve His gracious promise heard—
“I shall never be confounded”—
I am trusting in that word.


I am trusting, fully trusting,
Sweetly trusting in His Word;
I am trusting, fully trusting,
Sweetly trusting in His Word.

All my sin I lay on Jesus!
He doth wash me in His blood;
He will keep me pure and holy,
He will bring me home to God.


All my fears I give to Jesus!
Rests my weary soul on Him;
Tho’ my way be hid in darkness,
Never can His light grow dim.


All my joys I give to Jesus!
He is all I want of bliss;
He of all the worlds is Master—
He has all I need in this.


All I am I give to Jesus!
All my body, all my soul,
All I have, and all I hope for,
While eternal ages roll.


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