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Faith and Works - Hymn

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  • Faith and Works, an old and traditional online song of praise and worship
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  • Faith and Works - a traditional and classic old hymn
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Go thy way day by day
The way Heav’n points to thee;
Question never, trusting ever—
Peace then shalt thou see.


Live aright, day and night,
Loving God forever;
Bearing crosses, heavy losses,
Murmuring—Oh, never.

Do thy task—never ask
Why must it be done?
Never borrow from the morrow—
Use the present sun.


Then shalt thou, even now,
Live in God and light;
And when dying dread not lying
In the cold and night.


For thou know’st as thou sowest,
So shalt thou e’er reap;
Duty done, is vict’ry won and
Sweet the victor’s sleep.


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