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Fairer than the morning - Hymn

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Thou art fairer than the morning,
O my Savior and my King!
Of Thy grandeur and Thy beauty,
How my soul delights to sing.


Thou art fairer than the morning,
Thou art brighter, brighter than the day;
At the glory of Thy presence
Clouds and darkness flee away.

Clothed in light as with a garment,
Crowned with majesty divine,
Lo, the scepter of dominion
Now and ever, Lord, is Thine.


Oh, the greatness of Thy mercy,
And the richness of Thy grace!
Oh, the love that in Thy kingdom
Is preparing me a place!


When the silver cord is broken,
And this mortal life is oer,
With ten thousand times ten thousand,
I shall sing for evermore.


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