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Everlasting life - Hymn

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“Everlasting life!” is the promise giv’n unto them
Who love the Savior dear.
“Everlasting life!” and a home in Heav’n,
If you will believe His Name.


Then believe Him! O receive Him!
Blessèd Savior, kingly favor.
Give Him ever best endeavor,
For with Him is everlasting life!

“Everlasting life!” shout it far and wide,
Blessèd tidings of salvation free.
“Everlasting life!” thro’ His blood applied,
To the sinner in his woe.


“Everlasting life!” there is naught to do but to take
The words He gives you now.
“Everlasting life!” precious gift for you,
Thro’ the Savior crucified.


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