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Oh, Rejoice, ye Christians, loudly - Christmas Hymn

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Oh, rejoice, ye Christians, loudly,
For our joy hath now begun;
Wondrous things our God hath done.
Tell abroad His goodness proudly
Who our race hath honored thus
That He deigns to dwell with us.


Joy, O joy, beyond all gladness,
Christ hath done away with sadness!
Hence, all sorrow and repining,
For the Sun of Grace is shining!

See, my soul, thy Savior chooses
Weakness here and poverty;
In such love He comes to thee
Nor the hardest couch refuses;
All He suffers for thy good,
To redeem thee by His blood.


Lord, how shall I thank Thee rightly?
I acknowledge that by Thee
I am saved eternally.
Let me not forget it lightly
But to Thee at all times cleave
And my heart true peace receive.


Jesus, guard and guide Thy members,
Fill Thy brethren with Thy grace,
Hear their prayers in every place.
Quicken now life’s faintest embers,
Grant all Christians, far and near,
Holy peace, a glad new Year!


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