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Oh, How Sweet When We Mingle - Hymn

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Oh, how sweet when we mingle with kindred spirits here,
And tell of Jesus and His love!
When by faith we can see Him, and feel His presence near,
And lift our longing souls above.


We shall meet on the banks of the river,
Happy, happy there forevermore!
We shall dwell with the angels, and join with choral song,
Our loved ones, loved ones gone before.

We are pilgrims of Zion, though trials we must bear,
Which all are blessings in disguise:
Though the cross may be heavy, the crown we soon shall wear
In Heavín, where pleasure never dies.


When we walk through the valley and shadow of the tomb,
Dear Savior, Thou wilt be our Guide:
And Thy smile like a sunbeam will light beyond the gloom,
And keep Thy people at Thy side.


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