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O Love Divine And Golden - Hymn

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O Love divine and golden,
Mysterious depth and height,
To Thee the world beholden,
Looks up for life and light;
O Love divine and gentle,
The blesser and the blest,
Beneath Thy care parental
The world lies down in rest.

O Love divine and tender,
That through our homes dost move,
Veiled in the softened splendor
O holy household love,
A throne without Thy blessing
Were labor without rest,
And cottages possessing
Thy blessedness are blest.

God bless these hands united;
God bless these hearts made one!
Unsevered and unblighted
May they through life go on,
Here in earth’s home preparing
For the bright home above,
And there forever sharing
Its joy where “God is Love.”

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