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O Lord, To Whom The Spirits Live - Hymn

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O Lord, to Whom the spirits live
Of all the faithful passed away,
Unto their path that brightness give
Which shineth to the perfect day.


O Lamb of God, Redeemer blest,
Grant them eternal light and rest.

Bless Thou the dead which die in Thee;
As Thou hast given them release;
So quicken them Thy face to see,
And give them everlasting peace.


In Thy green, pleasant pastures feed
The sheep which Thou hast summoned hence;
And by the still, cool waters lead
Thy flock in loving providence.


How long, O Holy Lord, how long
Must we and they expectant wait
To hear the gladsome bridal song,
To see Thee in Thy royal state?


O hearken, Savior, to their cry,
O rend the heavens and come down,
Make up the jewels speedily,
And set them in Thy golden crown.


Direct us with Thine arm of might,
And bring us, perfected with them,
To dwell within Thy city bright,
The heavenly Jerusalem.


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