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O Jesus, Lord Of Heavenly Grace - Hymn

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O Jesus, Lord of heavenly grace,
Thou Brightness of Thy Fatherís face,
Thou Fountain of eternal light,
Whose beams disperse the shades of night.

Come, holy Sun of heavenly love,
Shower down Thy radiance from above,
And to our inward hearts convey
The Holy Spiritís cloudless ray.

So we the Fatherís help will claim,
And sing the Fatherís glorious Name,
And His almighty grace implore
That we may stand, to fall no more.

May He our actions deign to bless,
And loose the bonds of wickedness;
From sudden falls our feet defend,
And bring us to a prosperous end.

May faith, deep rooted in the soul,
Subdue our flesh, our minds control;
May guile depart, and discord cease,
And all within be joy and peace.

So let us gladly pass the day;
Our thoughts be pure as morning ray;
And faithful love our noonday light;
And hope our sunset, calm and bright.

O Christ, with each returning morn
Thine image to our hearts is borne:
O may we ever clearly see
Our Savior and our God in Thee.

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