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I think God gives the children, as through the land they go,
The most delightful mission that anyone can know.
He wants us to be sunbeams of love and hope and cheer,
To brighten up the shadows that often gather here.


O we are little sunbeams, sent down from God to man;
In all lifeís shady places, we shine as best we can.

The clouds may hide the sunshine of Heaven from our sight,
And life have much of sorrow to mar the heartís delight;
But if like faithful sunbeams, we children do our part,
Weíll bring a ray of brightness to every shadowed heart.


Then let us live our mission of sunbeams day by day,
And scatter joy and brightness about us all the way;
Letís chase away lifeís shadows with loving thought and deed
And be the sunshine makers, of which the world has need.


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