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Little Child The Savior Came - Baptism Hymn

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A little Child the Savior came,
The Mighty God was His Name;
And angels worshiped as He lay
The seeming Infant of a day.

He Who, a little Child, began
The life divine to show to man,
Proclaims from Heavín the message free;
ďLet little children come to Me.Ē

We bring them, Lord, and with the sign
Of sprinkled water name them Thine;
Their souls with saving grace endow;
Baptize them with Thy Spirit now.

O give Thine angels charge, good Lord,
Them safely in Thy way to guard;
Thy blessing on their lives command,
And write their names upon Thy hand.

O Thou, Who by an infantís tongue
Dost hear Thy perfect glory sung,
May these, with all the heavínly host,
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

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