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I know not where the road will lead
I follow day by day,
Or where it ends: I only know
I walk the King’s highway.

I know not if the way is long,
And no one else can say;
But rough or smooth, up hill or down,
I walk the King’s highway.

And some I love have reached the end,
But some with me may stay,
Their faith and hope still guiding me:
I walk the King’s highway.

The way is truth, the way is love,
For light and strength I pray,
And through the years of life, to God,
I walk the King’s highway.

The countless hosts lead on before,
I must not fear nor stray;
With them, the pilgrims of the faith,
I walk the King’s highway.

Through light and dark the road leads on
Till dawns the endless day,
When I shall know why in this life
I walk the King’s highway.

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