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Joy Dispels Our Sorrow - Hymn

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Morning light was dawning o’er the distant hills,
Banished was the midnight gloom;
Silently the angels clad in bright array
Came to guard the dear Redeemer’s tomb.
Soldiers were affrighted and in terror fled,
While the angels roll the stone away.
Then with joy proclaiming, “Christ the Lord is ris’n”
“See the place where once the Savior lay.”


Joy dispels our sorrow—pleasures banish pain—
Earth awakes from winter’s gloom;
Easter anthems ringing tell the joyful news
“Christ is risen from the tomb.”

Loving ones who sought Him at the break of day,
Found the angels waiting there;
Joy dispelled their sorrow—fear gave way to faith—
Hope succeeded all their deep despair.
For the angels told them, “Jesus is not here,”
“But had surely risen as He said.”
Then with eager footsteps joyfully they tell
How that Christ had risen from the dead.


Easter tells its gladness all the year around—
Happy birds their tribute bring;
Fragrant flowers blooming after winter days
Speak to us the joys of coming spring.
Earthly pleasures vanish, flowers soon shall fade,
But the joy of Easter shall endure.
Hope of resurrection never shall grow dim
While the Word of God abideth sure.


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