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In Life’s Earnest Morning Hymn Lyrics

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In life’s earnest morning, when our hope was high,
Came Thy voice to summons, not to be put by;
Nor in toil nor sorrow, weakness or dismay,
Need we ever falter art not Thou our stay?

Teach us, Lord, Thy wisdom, while we seek men’s lore;
May the mind be humbled as we know Thee more;
Let the larger vision bring the childlike heart,
And our deeper knowledge holier zeal impart.

Should Thy face be clouded to our spirits’ sight,
Speak thro’ human kindness, shine thro’ nature’s light,
In the face of loved ones, or the ties of home
Only, gracious Father, to Thy children come.

Save us, Lord, from seeking earth’s unhallowed goals;
May our lifelong passion be the love of souls;
Let us live and labor, Father, in Thy sight,
Thro’ the grace of Jesus, by the Spirit’s might.

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