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I lift my heart today in praise
To Him Who loves me so,
Whose mercy crowneth all my days,
And makes my cup o弾rflow.
O have I loved Him as I should
For all His blessings free?
Praise God Who giveth naught but good,
For He is good to me!


I値l count my blessings
Count them o弾r and o弾r
I値l tell my Father痴 goodness
I will love Him more,
I値l count my blessings, bountiful and free
Yet I can never count them all
So good is God to me!

I thank Him for unclouded skies
For love beyond my ken
That when my path in shadow lies,
The sunshine comes again.
I thank Him for the hopes fulfilled
For every answered plea,
That though life was not all I willed,
My God is good to me!


I go to meet another year,
With faith no doubt can dim,
God reigneth, and I will not fear,
But trust my way with Him.
Then if that way be bright or dark,
Let peace unshaken be!
And let me, like the soaring lark,
Sing 敵od is good to me!


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