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Hallelujah Unto Jesus Hymn

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Hallelujah unto Jesus!
Now He lives to die no more;
Let all nations sing His praises,
Gladly sing them o’er and o’er.


Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Hallelujah! to our King!
From the tomb today He’s risen,
Hallelujah we’ll sing.

Hallelujah unto Jesus!
Who for us once bled, and died,
He is now o’er death, the Victor,
Hail Him King the Crucified.


Hallelujah unto Jesus!
Blessèd firstfruits of the dead;
He our resurrection Surety,
Lives for us our risen King.


Hallelujah unto Jesus!
Death is robbed now of its sting;
And the tomb for us lighted,
Hallelujah to our King.


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