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Great God And Saviour Hymn

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Great God and Saviour, on this Easter day
Gathered in Thy presence, we Thy children pray;
Make our praises incense, waft them all around
As we lift our voices, this the joyful sound:


We’re here to praise You, Resurrection Day
Fill us with Your Spirit, speak, O Lord, we pray.

Angels announce Him, Jesus is the Lord and Christ
Source of our redemption, centre of our tryst;
He the Way has opened so that sinners we
Find through Him our pardon, peace and purity.


Death hides no terrors, naught can separate
Thou the conqu’ring Saviour we appreciate;
Worshipping before Thee, in Thy righteousness
Thy death hath procured this, Thee we gladly bless.


Here then is Jesus, sound His praises long,
Blend them all together, sing them in a song.
Make them loud and joyful, ‘Resurrection Day’
Christ is all victorious, nothing more to pay.


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