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Glad Tidings Christmas - Hymn & Carol Lyrics

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Glad tidings! Glad Tidings! O wonderful love!
A message has come from our Father above;
íTis Jesus who brought it to young and to old,
A message of mercy more precious than gold.


Glad tidings, glad tidings!
O wonderful, wonderful, wonderful love!
Glad tidings, glad tidings!
We hail the glad tidings of wonderful love.

He saith to the weary, O come unto Me;
The poor and the lowly His glory may see;
He blesseth the meek with His soul-cheering voice;
He comforts the mourners and bids them rejoice.


How happy are they who believe in the Lord,
And love the sweet counsel they find in His Word!
Be ready to hear, and be swift to obey,
And follow His steps in the bright shining way.


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