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Father, Most High, be with us,
Unseen, Thy goodness showing,
And Christ the Word Incarnate,
And Spirit grace bestowing.
O Trinity, O Oneness
Of light and power exceeding;
O God of God Eternal
O God, from Both proceeding!

While daylight hours are passing,
We live and work before Thee;
Now, ere we rest in slumber,
We gather to adore Thee.
Our Christian name and calling
Of our new birth remind us;
The Spirit’s gifts and sealing
To firm obedience bind us.

Begone, ye powers of evil
With snares and wiles unholy!
Disturb not with your temptings
The spirits of the lowly.
Depart! for Christ is present,
Beside us, yea, within us;
Away! His sign, ye know it,
The victory shall win us.

Awhile the body resteth;
The spirit, wakeful ever,
Abideth in communion
With Christ, Who sleepeth never,
To God, th’Eternal Father,
To Christ, our sure salvation,
To God, the Holy Spirit,
Be endless adoration.

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