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Come, Sing With Holy Gladness Hymn Lyrics

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Come, sing with holy gladness,
High alleluias sing,
Uplift your loud hosannas
To Jesus, Lord and King;
Sing, boys in joyful chorus
Your hymn of praise today,
And sing, ye gentle maidens,
Your sweet responsive lay.

’Tis good for boys and maidens
Sweet hymns to Christ to sing,
’Tis meet that children’s voices
Should praise the children’s King:
For Jesus is salvation,
And glory, grace and rest;
To babe and boy and maiden
The one Redeemer blest.

O boys, be strong in Jesus,
To toil for him is gain,
And Jesus wrought with Joseph
With chisel, saw and plane;
O maidens, live for Jesus,
Who was a maiden’s Son;
Be patient, pure and gentle,
And perfect grace begun.

Soon in the golden city
The boys and girls shall play,
And through the dazzling mansions
Rejoice in endless day;
O Christ, prepare Thy children
With that triumphant throng
To pass the burnished portals,
And sing th’eternal song.

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