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Christ, Who once among us as a Child did dwell,
Is the children’s Savior, and He loves us well;
If we keep our promise made Him at the font,
He will be our Shepherd, and we shall not want.

There it was they laid us in those tender arms,
Where the lambs are carried safe from all alarms;
If we trust His promise, He will let us rest
In His arms forever, leaning on His breast.

Though we may not see Him for a little while,
We shall know He holds us, often feel His smile;
Death will be to slumber, in that sweet embrace,
And we shall awaken to behold His face.

He will be our Shepherd after as before,
By still heavenly waters lead us evermore,
Make us lie in pastures beautiful and green,
Where none thirst or hunger,
And no tears are seen.

Jesus, our good Shepherd, laying down Thy life,
Lest Thy sheep should perish in the cruel strife,
Help us to remember all Thy love and care,
Trust in Thee, and love Thee
Always, everywhere.

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