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Jesus is our loving Savior,
He, our best, our constant Friend;
In His service life is pleasure,
For He loveth to the end.
Loving Savior, loving Savior,
Here we at Thy footstool bend,
Here we at Thy footstool bend.

Jesus is the children’s Savior!
’Twas for them He shed his blood;
Died, that poor and needy sinners
Might be reconciled to God.
Dying Savior! Dying Savior!
Bearing thus our sinful load,
Bearing thus our sinful load.

Jesus is the children’s Savior!
“Suffer them,” He says, “to come.”
If they seek His face and favor,
They shall share His heav’nly home.
Risen Savior! Risen Savior!
Never more from Thee to roam,
Never more from Thee to roam.

Loving suff’ring, dying Savior!
Risen, glorious on Thy throne,
Haste the day when every idol
Shall by truth be overthrown.
And the kingdoms, and the kingdoms
Of the earth to Thee belong,
Of the earth to Thee belong.

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