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Caedmon's Hymn

  • Lyrics to Caedmon's Hymn which dates prior to 700AD

  • Printable words of Caedmon's Hymn
  • The text of Caedmon's hymn of the Creation is the Anglo-Saxon version of the first poem by the first known English poet
  • Caedmon's Hymn was included in Bede's Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum (finished in 731AD)
  • Caedmon cared for the animals in a monastery
  • Caedmon's Hymn, an online song
  • Free and downloadable words and lyrics

Now let me praise the keeper of Heaven's kingdom,
the might of the Creator, and his thought,
the work of the Father of glory, how each of wonders
the Eternal Lord established in the beginning.
He first created for the sons of men
Heaven as a roof, the holy Creator,
then Middle-earth the keeper of mankind,
the Eternal Lord, afterwards made,
the earth for men, the Almighty Lord.

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