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Behold Us, Lord, Before Thee Met - Hymn

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Behold us, Lord, before Thee met
Whom each bright angel serves and fears,
Who on Thy throne rememberest yet
Thy spotless boyhood’s quiet years;
Whose feet the hills of Nazareth trod,
Who art true Man and perfect God.

To Thee we look, in Thee confide,
Our help is in Thine own dear Name;
For who on Jesus e’er relied,
And found not Jesus still the same?
Thus far Thy love our souls hath brought:
O stablish well what Thou hast wrought.

From Thee was our baptismal grace,
The holy seed by Thee was sown;
And now before our Father’s face
We make the three great vows our own,
And ask, in Thine appointed way,
Confirm us in Thy grace today.

We need Thee more than tongue can speak,
’Mid foes that well might cast us down;
But thousands, once as young and weak,
Have fought the fight, and won the crown;
We ask the help that bore them through;
We trust the Faithful and the True.

So bless us with the gift complete
By hands of Thy chief pastors giv’n,
That awful Presence kind and sweet,
Which comes in sevenfold might from Heav’n;
Eternal Christ, to Thee we bow:
Give us Thy Spirit here and now.

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