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Beautiful Beckoning Hands - Hymn

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Beautiful hands at the gateway tonight,
Faces all shining with radiant light;
Eyes looking down from yon heavenly home,
Beautiful hands they are beckoning “come.”


Beautiful hands, beckoning hands,
Calling the dear ones to heavenly lands;
Beautiful hands, beckoning hands,
Beautiful, beautiful, beckoning hands.

Beckoning hands of a mother whose love
Sacrificed life her devotion to prove;
Hands of a father to memory dear,
Beckon up higher the waiting ones here.


Beautiful hands of a little one, see!
Baby voice calling, O mother, for thee;
Rosy cheeked darling, the light of the home,
Taken so early is beckoning “come.”


Beckoning hands of a husband, a wife,
Watching and waiting the loved one of life;
Hands of a brother, a sister, a friend,
Out from the gateway tonight they extend.


Brightest and best of that glorious throng,
Center of all and Theme of their song;
Jesus, our Savior, the piercèd One stands,
Lovingly calling with beckoning hands.


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