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Baptize us anew
With power from on high,
With love, O refresh us!
Dear Savior, draw nigh.


We humbly beseech Thee,
Lord Jesus, we pray,
With love and the Spirit
Baptize us today.

Unworthy we cry,
Unholy, unclean,
O wash us and cleanse us
From sin’s guilty stain.


O heavenly Dove,
Descend from on high!
We plead Thy rich blessing;
In mercy draw nigh.


O list the glad voice!
From Heaven it came:
“Thou art My Belovèd,
Well pleasèd I am.”

We praise thee, we bless Thee,
Dear Lamb that was slain,
We laud and adore Thee,
Amen and Amen.

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